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Soil-free, modular green wall systems – inside buildings and outside in urban areas. CPH – SPRINGBOARD®

  • 15 Sep 2020
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • City Facilitators, kl 14:00 til 17:00 pa Bryghuspladsen 8, 1473 København K
  • 17


  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Fredag den 4. september 2020
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: Fredag den 4. september 2020

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Primary Focus: Business Development


The company offers a modular green wall system, which works without any soil and, through its modularity, is easily implementable on existing facades. Thus, the company pursues the mission of making green walls accessible. As a result, the tiles can be applied indoors and outdoors, while the modularity offers incredible flexibility – the size of the wall can range from over 100 m2 to single tiles.

This is an early stage startup.

Pitch, business plan and discussion will be in English.

Issues & Topics for sparring

- Strategic Outsourcing of production/Supply Chain Management

- Expansion Plan

- Pre-financing /softfunding possibilities for production costs

- Business Model Optimization

Industry: Environmental, Climate, Industry/Production, Construction

Stage of development: pre-Proof of Concept

Region: Hovedstaden




Circular Economy/resource efficiency

Financing, Funding & Raising Capital

In-, & Outsourcing



The company’s mission is to bring nature back to our cities by utilizing and greening available space in a practical and accessible way. The innovative approach of the soil-free system allows the company to increase the energy efficiency of buildings, thereby reducing cooling and heating costs to save resources. Central to the company’s living wall system is the special plant mixture, carefully selected to thrive even under adverse circumstances and adapted to various climate zones. This means they are especially low in maintenance and have low watering needs – which allows to save costs and resources. They further absorb a range of fine particles that can cause asthma, and by that they have a direct positive impact on health and well-being.

The company believes that urban living and nature do not have to be mutually exclusive, however, the time to act is now! By combining various disciplines and cultural backgrounds the company’s team is able to tackle the pressing issues of rising temperatures and air pollution in urban areas in a multi-dimensional way and wants to see cities turning into green utopias.

Questions to the Panel

- When expanding to new countries, there is a balancing act between outsourcing to production partners as local as possible and avoiding adding additional complexity to the company’s structure. How can this trade-off be managed in order to decrease the carbon footprint of the production, but also keep costs as low as possible?

- How should an expansion plan be formed, in order to find the right balance between scaling quickly and expanding at a pace which allows enough time to soak in learning experiences?

- Who is the right decision maker to focus on as a beachhead customer – politicians, architects, or other parties?

- Large-scale green wall installations naturally come with significant production costs. How, especially for early-stage projects, can the pre-financing of these costs be assured?

- Green Walls are expected to have a durability of 20 to 30 years. As a result, it is of interest to the company to find a stream of recurring revenues. How could such a business model look like?

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