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ONLINE: 5 universitetsprojekter fra SDU Cortex Lab på vej i markedet - er klar til sparring på deres forretningsstrategi (1 af 2),Odense - PITCH-Springboard

  • 16 Jun 2021
  • 12:15 - 15:30
  • SDU, kl 12:15 til 15:30 pa online, mødeplatform
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  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: 4. juni 2021
  • Sidste tilmeldingsfrist er: 4. juni 2021

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CONNECT Denmark afholder PITCH-Springboard med 5 afgangsprojekter fra SDU Cortex Lab. Casene er en del af "SDU Talent Programme in Entrepreneurship" og de er klar til sparring på deres forretningsstrategi.

Dette PITCH-Springboard afholdes online, og er nr. 1 af 2 PITCH-Springboards der afholdes samme dag.

Spor 1 af 2 (kl. 12:15 – 15:30)

Case 1:

The case is a customizable, subscription-based robot toy that engages kids in learning the foundations of robotics and programming through thrilling storytelling and mission solving.

The case is an educational toy for kids to play and learn at home – to compete with their siblings and spend quality time with the technology. With our subscription model, parents will gain a virtual teacher that will encourage their kids to develop technical skills. The product will hit the market by Jan. 2022, and to reach that goal, our next steps are funding, product and web platform development, and presales. With our vision, we want to revolutionize homeschooling.

Case 2:

The case is a HealthTech start-up designing an automated and convenient health monitoring device placed directly in the toilet, in order to detect for early signs of conditions and diseases. By measuring biomarkers found in urine, the device acts as a supplemental aid for healthcare workers’ patients and acts as a hands-off solution for using customized urinalysis test strips. We call the device “The Tinker,” which also comes with an accompanying app compatible to smart devices and operating systems.

Case 3:

We are creating an innovative wall design approach inspired by nature. With our wall design platform with a mounting solution we bring the uniqueness, beauty and vividness of nature to homes. The platform consists of hexagon panels using high quality wood combined with a mounting system. This empowers the user to create their own unique wall design which reflects their personality in a user-friendly way. Natural material, clean forms combine with light elements an aesthetically pleasing and warm atmosphere. The wall design meant to grow and develop over time just as we as human beings . Our connection to nature also drives the way we are doing our business including our material and sourcing decisions. Our wooden material is locally sourced in Denmark and our products rooted in craftsmanship are easy to assemble and reassemble which facilitates circularity in the lifespan of our products. By providing a design solution which is as unique as your own nature.

Stadie: pre Proof of Concept / Proof of Concept

Udbytte for dig som paneldeltager:

1.Vær med til at inspirere og udfordre ambitiøse virksomheder

2.Skab netværk til deltagerne og de andre i panelet

3.Udvikl dine egen kommunikation og gennemslagskraft

4.Bliv inspireret og udfordret af nye brancher, forretningsområder og forretningsmodeller


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